We believe that invoicing should be
the best outcome of your business.

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Issue invoices in seconds.

All you have to do is enter the customer’s details, the items to be invoiced and the payment terms. If the customer is already registered in the program, it fills in automatically with all the data and associated conditions.
And whenever you create the first invoice for a new customer, InvoiceXpress automatically creates a contact sheet for them. All this so that you can devote your time to what really matters: earning… and fast.


An overview of your business.

We offer a global view of your business so that you can follow the monthly evolution of your invoicing.
Always know the status of your invoices: who has paid and, more importantly, who has yet to pay. With us, you’ll never have to calculate VAT again either: we’ve created a table that lists your invoicing and totals the amount to be paid quarterly.


Print your brand on every invoice.

Include your logo on the documents and personalize the email messages that accompany them. Distinguish yourself even more from the competition.
Include relevant remarks and a thank you at the bottom of your documents. Add your bank details such as NIB, IBAN or SWIFT.
Get paid even faster by including ATM references on every document you issue. Your customer will thank you.


Settle invoices faster.

Program the automatic sending of emails or SMS messages to remind your customers of payment deadlines. You can set the sending dates and customize the content of each message.
InvoiceXpress has designed the “Alerts” so that the collection of your invoices is a direct and effective process, but discreet.


Free updates and automatic communication.

We are always up to date with the changes required by the Tax Authority to invoicing programs. Updates to our AT-certified online program are free and timely, with no installation problems or costs.
We ensure that your invoices and waybills are communicated with the Tax Authority, both in real time and via SAF-T PT.
We also support the cash VAT regime.

Still having doubts?

We are a team dedicated to answering all your questions quickly and efficiently.

We believe that support is our best feature.