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Generate invoices in seconds

You only have to put the client's data, the items you wish to invoice and your payment conditions. If the client is already registered in the program, the filling of the invoice is done automatically, with all the associated data and payment conditions. Whenever you create the first invoice to a newly client, InvoiceXpress will create a contact record automatically. This is all done in order to save you time to do what matters the most: invoicing... and quickly!

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Global Overview

An overview over your business

We offer you a global overview over your business, so that you can keep up with the evolution of your monthly invoicing. Be always aware of the due invoices: know who paid and, above all, who still has to pay.

With InvoiceXpress, you will never have to guess VAT again: we give you a map that relates all the invoicing and sums up the amount to hand every quarter.

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Print your own trademark in each invoice.

Print your own trademark in the documents and customize the e-mail texts that follow those documents. Excel even more from your competitors. Put some relevant notes on the footnote of your documents. Add your bank data, such as NIB, IBAN or SWIFT. Be paid even quicker by including Multibanco ATM references in each document you issue. Your clients thank you.'

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Overdue Reminders

Settle invoices quicker

Plan the automatic sending of e-mails or SMS texts in order to remind your clients of payments' deadlines or overdue payments. You are given the possibility of defining the sending dates and customizing the content of each text. InvoiceXpress has designed 'Reminders' so that your due invoices can be not only an effective and straightforward process, but also a discrete one.

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Tax Authority

Free updating and direct communication

We are always aware of the changes that the Tax Authority demands from the invoicing programs. The updates of online approved software are for free and timely, problem free and have no setup costs. We assure the communication with the Tax Authority of your invoicing and waybills, either in real time or through SAF-T PT.
We support the new VAT regime for companies.

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