We take security very seriously

Meet some of the measures we use to guarantee the security and the availability of your data.


Our servers

As in other as a Service Software, all the information in InvoiceXpress is kept in servers from a specialized company. InvoiceXpress servers are protected by biometric systems and have 24h surveillance. Only the authorized technicians have access to the place where the data is kept. There is an additional protection against non-authorized entrance and security violations.


Automatic Backup

The automatic backup of all the existing data in InvoiceXpress is made in real time. Besides, those same security copies are updated and kept, twice a day, in a different location. When it comes to make sure your information is safe, there's never too much caution.


SSL Security

Have you noticed the locker and https in the beginning of the url on InvoiceXpress? It means that the page uses safe communication: all the data sent from a computer to the sever is encrypted. All the data sent from and to InvoiceXpress has 256-bit encryption, the same used on your homebanking. This measure is even more important if you share the internet with other people.

What can I do in order to be protected?

Your InvoiceXpress data is not kept on your device and, therefore, if your equipment gets stolen or if you lose it, no one will have access to your invoicing information without your login and password.

As a result, we advise you to choose a password which is easy to remember but difficult to find out - use number combinations, letters or symbols. Don't give your password to anyone, don't write it or leave it next to your computer.

What can I do to be protected?

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