Remind your clients of overdue payments

InvoiceXpress reminds your clients by SMS and Email of overdue invoices.

Managing a business shouldn't be a synonym for running after clients. With InvoiceXpress, you don't have to worry about the clients who don't set their overdue payments. Set the reminders sending and let InvoiceXpress do your job.


You may send overdue reminders by email or SMS. Taking this weight off your shoulders will give you time for you to dedicate to the things that really matter, your business. Keep in mind, time is money!

Passo 1

Set the sending of reminders on InvoiceXpress

Passo 2

The client receives the reminders by email and SMS and sets the payment

Passo 3

You will receive quicker and free of worries

  • Advantages

  • Sending by Email and SMS
  • Before and after the overdue date
  • Automatic or manual
  • Customized messages per client
  • Illimited Emails
  • 20 or 40 monthly SMS for free
  • plans

  • 20 SMS For free
  • 500 SMS 50€
  • 200 SMS 30€
  • 50 SMS 10€

  • Acresce de IVA à taxa em vigor

Frequent Questions

How can I set the reminders?
The reminders setting is only available in both Business and Unlimited plans. To set the reminders at your convenience, go to your InvoiceXpress account and go to Settings > Reminders. In this page you may change several definitions of the reminders: the messages, the types of sendings (automatic or manual), scheduling, recurring and channels (email or sms). You can also send the reminders manually in each invoice page.
Can I customize the reminders for each client?
Of course you can. In your account, you just have to go to client's editing page to adjust the definitions and the messages to the detail.
Can I send reminders by SMS to foreign numbers?
Yes. The reminders feature by SMS is available worldwide.
How much does it cost to send a reminder?
The sending of the reminders is divided in two channels: Email and SMS. All plans have unlimited emails, but you can only send SMS using Business and Unlimited plans. Business plan has 20 monthly SMS for free and Unlimited has 40 SMS (Both not combinable). Nonetheless, you can always purchase new SMS plans at a low cost. Check the prices of the SMS plans on the top.
Is it possible to send reminders manually?
Yes. Whenever you wish, you can have access individually to an invoice and send the reminder manually, by email or SMS.

Do you still have doubts?
If you still have unanswered questions on InvoiceXpress or on the registration process, email us to or check our frequent questions →.