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  1. Monthly payment
  2. 12 months payment
  3. 24 months payment
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All prices added VAT at the prevailing rate

All plans include:

  • Invoices and simplified invoices
  • Waybills, Credit and Debit Notes
  • Budgets, Fee Notes and Pro Formas
  • Receipts according to the new VAT regime
  • Documents in PDF with your logo
  • Documents in Portuguese, English or Spanish
  • Templates of the text SMS and emails
  • Preferences per account or per client
  • Access to different users or accountant
  • Management of active taxes and serial documents
  • Data export in CSV, XLS ou XML
  • Import/Export of contacts and items
  • Certified by the Portuguese Tax Authority (AT)
  • Automatic Communication with AT
  • SAF-T PT support
  • Free updates


Simple, attractive and functional.
InvoiceXpress simplified my invoicing process.

Fernando Mendes - Cowork Lisboa


Frequent Questions

How does the free 30 day trial work?
By registering on InvoiceXpress, you have the free 30 day trial, in order to try the app. You may create the documents you wish, but the configuration of the notification of your invoicing to the Portuguese Tax Authority won't be available during the trial period. At the end of the 30 days, if you don't subscribe any of our plans, your account will be suspended until you do the payment.
How can the payment be done?
Currently you can pay by ATM or PayPal.
We do not accept cheques or bank transfers.
Can I change the Plan at any time?
Yes. You can change your current Plan at any time. You just have to go to the Account menu, at the top of the app, and choose Plan Change.
If I change the Plan, will I still have the free 30 day trial?
If you change the Plan you won't have the free 30 day trial. You only have the free 30 day trial when you subscribe the service for the first time.
Do I have to make a long-term contract?
No! By joining InvoiceXpress you don't have to sign a long-term contact. If you have any problem or if you're not happy about the service we will refund you at a most of 90 days after the payment.
Can I use the support?
Yes. The support provided is included in all plans. You just need to send an email to
I used all the documents. And now?
To keep on issuing documents you just have to renew your plan, or to choose a new one by going to the Account menu, on the app.
What are the requirements of InvoiceXpress?
InvoiceXpress is a web app which frees you from purchasing expensive software servers or licenses. It just requires a current browser, such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE8 or higher), with active Javascript.
How long do you keep my data?
Your data is kept securely up until 10 years after your account expires. If you wish to delete you data from the app permanently, you may do it, in the menu Account. All the information will be immediately deleted and it cannot be reverted.

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