Latest Product Updates

MARCH 28th, 2018

Now you can create an unlimited number of invoices in seconds

Now InvoiceXpress allows you to use a .csv file to create an unlimited amount of invoices in one bulk action, done quickly and comfortably in just a few steps. We have a video tutorial (in Portuguese) where you can find out how you can do it.

📹 How to Import a New Invoice Batch (in PT)

MARCH 28th, 2018

Check the status of each document’s AT communication status

InvoiceXpress now gives you the history of the status of each document, relating to the communication to the Portuguese Tax Authority. This way you can always see if yoiur documents have been communicated, are waiting to bem communicated, or if there was any error.

Where to Check the Document Status History (in PT)

FEBRUARY 16th, 2018

VAT MOSS invoices are now available

Now you can create VAT MOSS invoices directly on InvoiceXpress. This will simplify your invoicing if you sell digital services on the EU.

Know everything about VAT MOSS (in PT)

OCTOBER 26th, 2017

Automatic Communication for Transport Documents

You could already communicate to Autoridade Tributária the transport documents via SAF-T or automatically together with the other invoicing documents. Now you can enable automatic communication only for Transport Documents while the rest are communicated via the SAF-T PT file.

How to Enable Automatic Communication of Guides (in PT)

SEPTEMBER 27th, 2017

New API Version Available to Integrate with InvoiceXpress

We updated our API. Integrating services like online stores or other applications is now even easier. Paulo Silva, Scrum Master and developer of InvoiceXpress, explains what’s new in this new blog article in Portuguese. If you don’t understand PT jump right in the Documentation for our API v2.

New API Version Available (Blog post in PT)

SEPTEMBER 5th, 2017

We added HiPay to the available payment platforms

Now, in addition to the many existing services, you can also choose HiPay to issue the Multibanco References to use in your InvoiceXpress documents.

How to subscribe to HiPay? (in PT)

AUGUST 3rd, 2017

We added PayPay to the available payment platforms

PayPay is the new Multibanco Ref. service integrated with InvoiceXpress. This is a list that won’t stop growing, so you can have more freedom of choice.

Como fazer a adesão à PayPay? (in PT)

JULY 19th 2017

The New Pending Payments Report is now available

Now you can easily get a report for all invoices with pending payments in a given period.

What does the Pending Payments report show? (in PT)

JULY 10th 2017

You can now customize your Sequences with Different Logos

If your company issues invoices with multiple brands, now switching between different brand identities is as easy as changing the sequence.

How to Issue Invoices with Different Brands (in PT)

JULY, 1st 2017

New SAF-T version 1.04_01 Available

The structure and rules of the SAF-T file changed as of July 1st, 2017 and InvoiceXpress naturally followed all Autoridade Tributária requirements.

What Changes with the new SAF-T File (in PT)