More than 100 features in a single invoicing software


  • Billing graph for the last 6 months
  • Cash flow table for the current and previous quarter
  • Quarterly invoiced data, VAT and comparison with previous year
  • Top 5 customers chart
  • Listing of each user’s system history


  • Create invoices, receipts and credit/debit notes
  • Issue simplified invoices and receipt invoices
  • Send your documents by email
  • Download to PDF
  • Clone an invoice
  • File documents
  • Send expiration alerts by email or sms
  • Schedule partial payments for a document
  • Cancel or issue credit notes for your invoices
  • Issue documents in foreign currencies
  • Electronic Invoicing (digitally signed PDF)

Advanced Search

  • Quickly filter for overdue documents
  • Search between archived and non-archived documents
  • Search by customer, document number or reference
  • Filter by document status
  • Select the type of documents you want to search for
  • Filter by amount, invoice date or due date
  • Get your filter totals, paid and overdue amounts
  • Finalize, pay or archive a group of invoices
  • Export search results to Excel
  • Find out when your invoices are due for payment
  • Access the top 5 customers and debtors
  • Search by name, address, VAT number or email address
  • Sending your current account by email
  • Define a preferred contact
  • Customize the due date and remarks
  • Issue documents in Portuguese, English or Spanish
  • Define the customer’s currency
  • Customize the alerts you send to your customers
  • Find out the actual average payment date for each customer
  • Find out the totals received, overdue and on time by client
  • Access the list of documents issued and/or received

Export & Import

  • Export your data to SAF-T PT
  • Export your customers, items or invoices in Excel, CSV or XML
  • Export your entire account to XML format
  • Import your customers or items in CSV format
  • Search by item name or description
  • Define the item code, description and unit
  • Configure values with or without VAT
  • Control the number of items sold
  • Know the total sold of each item


  • Create schedules for recurring invoices
  • Define the time interval and frequency of appointments
  • Search for appointments by name, description or reference
  • Find out the next and last dates for the appointment
  • Activate or deactivate schedules
  • Automatically send generated invoices by email
  • Create invoices for past dates
  • Search by supplier, article or document number
  • Filter by draft, final, canceled, accepted or refused
  • Filter by issue date, delivery date or value
  • Issue quotes, proforma invoices or fee notes
  • Search by client, reference or budget number
  • Search by state and type of budgets
  • Filter by issue date, expiry date or value
  • Issue draft quotes
  • Download in PDF format
  • Send quotes by email
  • Clone budgets
  • Turn accepted quotes into invoices
  • Mark quotes as accepted or rejected
  • Include notes in the budget history

Mobile Applications

  • iPhone
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Android
  • Windows 8
  • Issue transport, return or delivery notes
  • Search for documents by state and by type of guide
  • Filter by customer, loading address, delivery or status
  • Filter by upload date
  • Turn guides into invoices


  • Customize the footer with your logo on your documents
  • Set the number of copies per document by default
  • Customize the text of comments by default
  • Include your bank account on your documents
  • Configure email/SMS messages for your customers

Due Date Alerts

  • Configure the Email/SMS alerts to send to your customers
  • Define the text to send in the expiration alerts

Receiving payments

  • Include Multibanco references in your invoices and budgets
  • Allow your customers to pay you by credit card
  • Be notified when you receive payment from customers
  • Issue an invoice automatically from a paid quote

Support and Security

  • Updates included
  • Email support
  • 256-bit SSL encryption for data communication
  • Twice-daily automatic backups
  • Firewall monitored 24 hours a day
  • Hosted servers protected by biometric systems

Electronic invoicing

  • Issue invoices in electronic format
  • Create digitally signed PDFs with legal value
  • Send invoices by email and save time and money
  • Define tax rates
  • Configure rates by region
  • Define the default rate

Document Series

  • Create new document series
  • Choose the default series

Users and API

  • Add users to your account
  • Set the type of permission per user
  • Access different accounts with the same login
  • Integrate with other software products

Communication with the AT

  • Set up automatic communication
  • Automatic sending of invoices and bills

Functional and intuitive

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