The other side of InvoiceXpress

Get to know the story and the team that makes it all possible


The start of the program

“How do you write an invoice?” This was the question that Rui Alves asked in 2007 when he created RUPEAL. I wanted a solution to fill out an invoice quickly and easily, and send it to the customer – as all new entrepreneurs want. After all, how hard could it be?

After researching the market, we concluded that most products were full of unnecessary features, in addition to high acquisition costs. Out of a desire to solve our problem, we created InvoiceXpress, software without licenses, contracts or unnecessary installations. With accessible and direct support, we now have more than 25,000 users in Portugal and abroad. InvoiceXpress is a success story in the Portuguese startup scene.

The InvoiceXpress team

We believe that the source of all business success lies in its people and its culture. At InvoiceXpress, there are three principles that we all abide by:

Doing your best

Do the right thing

Demonstrate that they care about others

Rui Alves CEO
Rui Ferreira Head of Operations
Hugo França Head of Marketing
Gonçalo Barata Customer Support Team Lead
Ana Martins Customer Support
Gonçalo Mendonça Customer Support
Diogo Fernandes Account Manager
Flávia Ribeiro Account Manager
Miguel Coelho Content Manager
Pedro Correia Videographer
Flávio Pereira Designer
Michelle Luca Product Owner
Jean Dias Engineering Team Lead
Gonçalo Correia Software Engineer
Frederico Andrade Support Engineer
Renata Lima Frontend Developer

Simple, attractive and functional

InvoiceXpress has simplified the invoicing process for me.