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The online program to issue invoices without complications. From 5€/month.

Is invoicing driving you crazy?

We know how invoicing can be a headache. That's why we help entrepreneurs change to the simple side of invoicing.

Simple invoicing means more time to focus on your business.

Why complicate things?

Approved Online Invoicing

InvoiceXpress is an online invoicing software approved by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority, which you can have access to from anywhere. Learn more about the simple side of invoicing.

No long-term contracts

Using InvoiceXpress doesn’t make you attached to it. Use it whenever you need to issue documents and change your plan according to your invoicing. Check out our plans and prices.

Services, freelancers and online stores

Aimed at companies that provide all sorts of services, InvoiceXpress also suits freelancers, self-employed professionals and online stores. Add invoicing to your business through our API or plugins.


Electronic Invoice - EDI • Digital Signature • ATCUD

As a certified invoicing program, InvoiceXpress is always up to date with legal updates from the Tax Authority, so that our customers always invoice in accordance with the laws in force. These features are available free of charge to all customers.

Electronic Invoice - EDI

With InvoiceXpress you can export your invoices in the CIUS-PT structured data format, to comply with EDI.

Digital Signature

Digitally sign your documents through the Electronic Invoice Signing Service (SAFE), a service certified by the Portuguese State.


The ATCUD (Single Document Code) is an identifying code visible in the document relating to the billing series. (Available soon)

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Discover the simple side of Invoicing

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Send the invoice to the customer and it’s done dealt with. Easy, fast and simple. How should be.

Integrate invoicing with InvoiceXpress

Connect your online store to InvoiceXpress and create invoices automatically.


“InvoiceXpress is fantastic! Its usability is excellent and helps me to be faster, more productive and more efficient. It fits perfectly into my workflow and allows me to issue invoices within minutes.”