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Invoices in seconds and hassle free
Approved Online Invoicing
InvoiceXpress is an online invoicing software approved by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority, which you can have access to from anywhere.
See how InvoiceXpress can help you.
No long-term contracts
Using InvoiceXpress doesn't make you attached to it. Use it whenever you need to issue documents and change your plan according to your invoicing. Check our plans and prices.
Services, freelancers and online stores
Aimed at companies that provide all sorts of services, InvoiceXpress also suits freelancers, self-employed professionals and online stores. Add invoicing to your business through our API or plugins.
Everyone knows I'm crazy...
But, I make sure my invoicing runs like a beauty.
Thank you, InvoiceXpress! — Rui Unas • Host of Maluco Beleza (Crazy Beauty)
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  • Invoices and Simplified Invoices
  • Receipts, Credit and Debit Notes
  • Budgets, Fee Notes and Pro Formas
  • Waybills, Return Guides and Delivery Notes
  • Electronic Invoices with digital signature
  • Put your company's logo on your invoices
  • Documents in Portuguese, English and Spanish
  • Send customized emails with your invoices
  • Export documents to PDF for an easy share
  • Include your bank account on your documents
  • Updates and support always for free
  • Share your account with your accountant
  • Direct communication with the Taxing Authority
  • Export SAF-T PT file
  • Certification nr 192 by the Taxing Authority