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This endpoint does not require an API Key to be acessible.

Instead it requires your current login and password. Upon successful login it will return all the accounts which belong to you. Use this to obtain the API Key for your accounts avoiding going through the web interface to generate them.

Field Table

Property Description
id Used for uniquely identifying an account
name Organization name
url The URL to make all REST requests for this account
api_key The API Key for this account
state The account can be active, inactive or pending (suspended)


You call this method by submitting an HTTP POST request to the following URL with your current credentials as XML data in the body:


Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8


Return Values


Your current accounts are sent on a XML format. Example XML:

    <name>My Company LDA</name>
    <name>My Other Company S.A.</name>
Code Description
HTTP: 401 Access denied Authentication failed using the submitted credentials.
HTTP: 422 Unprocessable Entity Credentials are missing.

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