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Send by Email


Sends the debit-note by email.


You call this method by submitting an HTTP PUT request to the following URL:


Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8

  <subject>DebitNote from company</subject>
  <body>This is where the email body goes</body>


Parameters are the data you will pass with the call.

Property Required Description
api_key Yes Your secret identifier. You can find your API Key under Account >> API in the Account section.
debit-note-id Yes Id of the debit-note to send by email.
message / client / email Yes debit-note will be sent to this email address. Must be a valid email address ex: foo@bar.com
message / client /save Yes Saves this email as your client email address. (0 – Does not save the client's email. 1 – Saves / Updates the client's email)
message / subject No The subject of the email.
message / body No The body of the email.
message / cc No Email CC field. Must be a valid email address ex: foo@bar.com.
message / bcc No Email BCC field. Must be a valid email address ex: foo@bar.com.
message / logo No Send email with logo. Defaults to 0. Only available in some plans It's ignored if the account doesn't have the logo configured. Not available for trial accounts. (0 - Send email without logo. 1 - Send email with logo )

Return Values

These are the results that will be returned on success and error.

HTTP: 200 OK
Code Description
HTTP: 401 Access denied The API Key parameter is missing or is incorrectly entered.
HTTP: 404 Not Found The supplied {debit-note-id} doesn't match any existing invoice.
HTTP: 422 Unprocessable Entity Some parameters sent were incorrect. See below for possible errors.

Possible Errors for HTTP: 422

 <error>No content type or wrongly specified.</error>
 <error>Email: is an invalid email</error>
 <error>CC: is an invalid email</error>
 <error>BCC: is an invalid email</error>

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