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Generate PDF


Returns the url of the PDF for the specified document. This is an asynchronous operation, which means the PDF file may not be ready immediately.


The correct usage pattern is to use a polling technique. You call this endpoint by submitting an HTTP GET request to the following URL:



Property Required Description
api_key Yes Your secret identifier. You can find your API Key under Account >> API in the Account section.
debit-note-id Yes The debit-note to convert to PDF.
second_copy No True to download copy of original document. If missing, the default value will be false.

Return Values

These are the results that will be returned on success and error.


If successful, there are 2 valid responses:


The first one says that the request will be processed and you need to try again. This response is described by the following table:

Code Description
HTTP: 202 Accepted The request will be processed. You need to keep requesting until you get a response with HTTP status code 200.

The second possible response says that the request was processed successfully and the url is passed back in the response in the following format:

Code Description
HTTP: 200 OK The request has been successfully processed.
Code Description
HTTP: 401 Access denied The API Key parameter is missing or is incorrectly entered.
HTTP: 404 Not Found No debit-note matches the supplied {debit-note-id}.
HTTP: 406 Not Acceptable The {debit-note-id} provided is in an invalid state.

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