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Creates a new account.


You call this method by submitting an HTTP POST request to the following URL with the xml data of the new account on the request body:


Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8


XML example to be submitted with account data (simplified version):

  <organization_name>Company name</organization_name>

XML example to be submitted with account data (complete version):

  <organization_name>Company name</organization_name>


Parameter Required Default value Description
first_name No Empty The user's first name.
last_name No Empty The user's last name.
organization_name Yes n/a The name of the company.
phone No Empty The account phone number.
email Yes n/a The account email.
password Yes n/a The account password.
fiscal_id No Empty The company fiscal ID (vat number). The fiscal_id, if present, must be unique in the system.
tax_country No 1 The account country. Options: 1 (Portugal); 2 (Ireland); 3 (UK). See the Appendix for more countries.
language No pt The account language. Options: pt (Portuguese); en (English); es (Spanish).
terms Yes n/a The terms and conditions. Options: 1 (Accepted); 0 (Not accepted).

Return Values

If the request is successful, it will return HTTP: 201 CREATED and the following XML response:

  <id>Account ID</id>
  <name>Company name</name>

In case of error it will return one of the following error codes:

Code Description
HTTP: 401 Access denied The API Key parameter is missing or is incorrectly entered.
HTTP: 422 Unprocessable Entity Some parameters were incorrect. See below for possible errors.
Possible Errors for HTTP: 422
  <error>Terms and Conditions must be accepted</error>
  <error>Email is invalid</error>

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